Updated: May 6

Feelings are probably the most frustrating thing ever. Sometimes I wish I was a robot with a switch in my brain so I can turn them off and on as I please. Feelings are the true downfall of people because many base decisions on them which is also why a lot of us don't get along. Everyone has the right to feel the way they feel. Everyone is different after all but at some point we need to put people in check. One reason why I hate the human race is how we treat each other and animals, it’s disgusting. Fuck, being American isn't any better with us being cocky, nosey, little motherfuckers who somehow manage to get involved in everything even if it has absolutely nothing to do with us. Yea, I understand we run shit, but why can't we do it in a polite, respectful manner? Don't get me wrong there are some amazing people in the world but the bad defiantly outweigh the good. I honestly feel like I should become the next MLK and preach to the world, since war is among us and we are ready for all that yet.

to be continued

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