I live in America which is supposed to be the land of opportunity you know the "Free World", which is sorta ironic since most of their populations were enslaved at some point but anyways... it's where you can become whatever you want and have that so-called "American dream" if you play by their rules. Which is basically working for the rest of your life. I didn't realize I had to work for my freedom. I have to pay for the water that I drink every day, pretty sure you need water to live, also pay for the food I eat every day which is also essential to our survival but let's just say you didn't need money to eat, drink and sleep comfortably. You also need it to leave the country... I have to pay to leave the "Free World", Literally paid like $500 for a passport once. We have been tricked, deceived, bamboozled because none of us are truly free. Freedom is money and money isn't even real. It's a piece of the earth that we gave value to but that is a different topic of its own. So the moral of the story is that America is a scam built on lies but isn't every good empire. Don't get me wrong I love living here and I am grateful for everything I have but it's just sad knowing there will always be the rich who control everything and the people who work below them. It is almost like a pyramid, there will always be somebody above you and that someone is gonna try everything to stay above you. The moral of the story is you gotta fight to eat, it's a dog-eat-dog world.

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