A trip into my mind

From a young age I felt like saying more than I needed. You may not think it, but for the past 8 years I have really been holding my tongue. My jottings are pent-up aggression or emotion towards a certain subject, but I guess you can say I narrowed it down to three topics; love, people, and my emotions. I decided to share some of these with you in hopes that I'm not the only one with a mind that thinks this way. Enjoy :)


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Family (Moms Side)

Family can be the worst yet best group of people to grow up around. They are what natures you and guides you through this world. You see...

Welcome :)

Hello and welcome! If you are reading this I would like to thank you for even coming this far. I thought I would share a couple of things...


I live in America which is supposed to be the land of opportunity you know the "Free World", which is sorta ironic since most of their...

Crush ♥︎

I don't know where to start. I've just been having these dreams and thoughts that constantly repeat in my head. It's like the thought of...


Feelings are probably the most frustrating thing ever. Sometimes I wish I was a robot with a switch in my brain so I can turn them off...


Weekly Affirmations



Flirt with him, make him catch feelings then post your man. Stay toxic queens :)


Some people play victim in crimes the committed.


Positivity, confidence, and persistence are key in life so never give up on yourself!


Where skin glows energy flows.


Please let me know if there is anything you would like me to write about or if you would like to share your affirmations.

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