ψυχή / Psyche : the Greek word for soul given as a name to the princess of outstanding beauty married to Eros also known as cupid in roman mythology. 


Why I Created a Blog.

The number one question I get at my age is what do you want to be/do with your life and I never knew the answer until one day. I was out at dinner with my uncle and he asked me that very question. I gave him some ideas, but nothing really stood out until he told me that I should start a blog. At the time I thought it was a good idea but still not something that I would want to do. For the next couple of months, I just sat in my room still thinking about that very question. I always told myself growing up that I would want a job that I enjoyed, especially since I grew up around a father who every day would come home from work saying the same thing "I really hate my job" . So I made a list of the things I'm passionate about writing, photography, and videography then I asked myself what jobs in this world can have all 3? Immediately I thought of Vogue magazine. Don't know why it just came to my head but right after I thought about that dinner and the idea of creating a blog. I can now share all my passions with the world, thanks to Dr. D.



- quickly written short notes.

A trip into my mind.

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We all know beauty truly comes from within but it doesn't hurt to add a little extra on the outside!

αφρός coming soon